Liverpool Geist

So it begins!

Alright then, first post and all, in the adventure log. I think it’s best I start filling you in on whats happened so far, to the best of my recollection. Currently I am in the process of planning out our 4th session. I will try and fill you in on our past sessions, but first I will give you a quick overview:

The game is set in Liverpool, United Kingdom, the game is also set in our current time, give or take a few weeks, so essentially it’s set in 2013, and real life events can have an impact on the game. So far there are two established players in my game, and me, jay, as the GM. The players are as follows;

John Hill, playing as Penny Dreadful

  • Threshold: The Stricken
  • Geist: The Nurse
    a guitarist/singer for a local small time band. (I should get this out the way, Penny is a pre-op male to female transgender, I won’t be making a big deal out of this because honestly, as a GM, John’s treated the subject with respect, and I honestly see Penny as female, it’s a none issue but it is something that makes up her character)

Stephen Cunningham playing as James (Jimmy) Murphy

  • Threshold: The Torn
  • Geist: NA
    A thief/taxi driver who spends his out of work time looking after his father, suffering from Cancer.

Now that’s the players characters introduced, I will give you a brief overview of what happened in the sessions, I will try and keep this quick, I can edit it later.

Session one (Played on the 15th April 2013)

  • Players died. Penny’s drink was spiked in a bar one night by a stranger, her body reacted badly to the date rape drug and she died on the bar floor, her deal was struck before she even reached the hospital, James was killed climbing a building scaffold while trying to avoid the police. A cop tried to tackle James, James managed to dodge the cop, who then ended up falling off the scaffold, and dragging James with him. The impact with the ground is what killed him and his deal was struck.
  • Both characters shared a ward while healing, while in hospital they meet their first Sin Eater, a nurse, who helps them with their first ghostly encounter.
  • A few weeks later the characters are invited by the nurse to Margret Thatacher’s wake, led by the local sin eaters, here they are introduced to a few Krewe’s, such as the Black Parade, it is here they meet Ritzy, a sin eater belonging to the Black Parade.
  • The morning after the wake, the nurse they met, is found murdered in Smithdown Road Cemetery, her body was savagely ripped apart and her parts where left in all corners of the grave yard. They couldn’t get access into the grounds due to the police investigation, it is then they meet Frank, a ghost who died in the 1960’s, he tells the duo of the killer, although he couldn’t get a description of individual due the attack happening at night, Frank showed visible signs of worry as the killer managed to murder a ghost as well as the nurse.

Session Two (Played on the 22nd of April 2013)

  • A few days layer they meet Ritzy, who has learned some more news regarding the murder at Smithdown. After explaining the nature of Gates, leading into the Underworld, she informs them that almost every cemetery has one such gate, and the killer left the Smithdown Gate open, for unknown reasons, she suggests that they steer clear of Gates for the time being.
  • Penny starts hunting down the guy who spiked her drink, its during this hunt they find out said individual is a Vampire. They are introduced to the Vampire prince of Liverpool who asks them for help in finding the guy who spiked her. As he is causing trouble for the local vampire population, plus it gives Penny a chance to enact revenge for her death.

Session Three (Played on the 29th of April 2013)

  • Penny and James ask if Frank want’s to travel with them. Frank gives them permission to dig up his grave in order to collect Franks Anchors, (A ring and Zippo Lighter) – While digging up his grave they meed the Gatekeeper Wilson, a Sin Eater who claimed Smithdown Cemetery as his turf, although angry at the duo for voilating his soul, once frank explains, Wilson starts to ease towards Penny and James.
  • They find out more about the vampire who was the course of Pennies death. They find him in a bar, choosing Ritzy as his next target. Over the next few days they find out that he’s been conversing with someone else, selling blood to this stranger. Long story short, they find out the vampire has been kidnapping people at bars, bleeding them dry with medical equipment, and then selling the blood, the players find out, the killer at Smithdown Cemetery is one of the customers. After the vampire has been eliminated, the duo were thanked by the prince, and were given the deeds to a pub. Attached to the deed was a note from the prince simply saying “This place will mean more to you guys than to mine, no one I know whats this place, but may god have mercy on your soul if you accept ownership!”

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